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Who is driving your car?

As a business leader you drive the car,  set the destination and direction but that is just the start…


Shawn recognises this is just the beginning. “You have to be involved right through the process and have a full understanding of what is happening in the business. I believe, that to be successful you have to be the engine of the car and the oil that keeps all the parts moving well together.”


He goes on to explain that, the engine of the car is like the operational side of a business. “Essentially it pushes the car forward. It can be a dirty, tricky business but without it nothing works, the car does not move and the business does not progress. As the head of the business my involvement is crucial to moving the business forward. I have to be the engine, fully involved in what is happening on a day to day basis, understanding where we are going and making sure that the business goes in that direction.”


The danger is, however, that your head is firmly in operational mode and you do not look round to see danger signs that are happening organisationally. “This is where, I believe, that a business leader has an essential role that I liken to being the “oil” in the engine.” He goes on to explain, “As the oil, I have to make sure that all the moving parts of the engine work together, so that things do not grate and processes and people work in harmony. Only when that happens can the car, or the business, move forward smoothly and economically.”


So it sounds that the business needs regular oil checks to make sure that the parts are in harmony. “Absolutely, keeping communication channels open, making sure that people are able to approach you to let you know when there is an issue and regularly taking the temperature of the organisation is vital”.


Shawn believes that paying attention to Employee Surveys, putting time into appraisals, making sure you do exit interviews, allowing people the space to tell you what is going well and what is going now so well is key to the running of a successful business. However, more importantly, acting upon this is vital. “If the dials on your dashboard are showing that something is not running smoothly with your car, then you have to act to put it right.” The same applies to the so called “soft” indicators.


“We can all read a balance sheet, but other indicators – people’s opinions and views – will give you the underlying reasons why things may not be going in the direction you want. You ignore these at your peril. In these days, when getting the right people in the right job, is evermore difficult, we want to make sure we keep good people. Listening to them and keeping them on board is vital. Be the oil in the machine that keeps the car moving forward! Keep listening to your people and communicating to take your business forward!


So, a business leader means juggling a number of roles, setting the destination, driving forward to arrive there and making sure that the working parts move smoothly together. Is it something that Shawn enjoys, “I love my job, I love the business I have developed and the people I work with. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to work with entrepreneurs, through my involvement with Coras. I hope that my experience can help develop and support new businesses to succeed and thrive.”

Coras seminar promotes business growth in Newbury

Thursday 9th October saw the Coras Business Growth Seminar presented by Shawn Khorassani, local businessman and experienced entrepreneur. As headline Coras sponsor, The Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel hosted this sold out inaugural event and over 20 prominent local companies were in attendance.

The day began with a presentation by LevelX, winners of the Coras 2014 competition. Company founder, Steve Ardagh-Walter, gave an overview of his company and spoke about how uplifted he was by his Coras win and how he valued Shawn’s input and mentorship.

Shawn then spoke in detail about his experiences in business, offering his advice in areas where he had overcome challenges and hurdles himself. Tasks were also set where attendees were invited to network, learn about one other and ultimately, to work together in groups to identify and use their own skills and experience to come up with hypothetical business ideas and plans.

The day wrapped up with a relaxed networking session over a delicious lunch.

If you are a start up or SME or even if you have a great business idea that you are ready to implement, you can contact Coras ( throughout the year to arrange a discussion with Shawn.


Attendee Comments:

“Thank you for the wonderfully interesting meeting / seminar this morning. It was great to take a little time out to think about how the business and team are running and how to make improvements in the future. Also, particularly interesting to meet so many people involved in West Berks business, a very interesting crowd. Thanks again for taking the initiative with your Coras organisation.”

Judith Bunting, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Newbury and West Berkshire Liberal Democrats

“Thank you very much for the seminar – I found it very helpful and positive. There was a lot of good material about important / fundamental aspects of business and personal life. I’ll bear these in mind over the coming months. Another aspect which I found really good was the unstructured networking, making new connections and meeting people aspect. There was an interesting mix of people. Thank you for an excellent event.”

Steve Ardagh-Walter, LevelX

“Excellent morning, good content and presentation and a great lunch.”

Noel Erskin, Bursar, St. Gabriel’s School

“I found the event thoroughly enjoyable and extremely uplifting. It inspired me to give an extra push with Jonnie Rocket and with the right team I’m sure I can turn him into a global brand! I look forward to seeing Shawn again at another event.”

John Chapman, Author, Jonnie Rocket


Below: Photos of the Coras Business Growth Seminar. Photography by KSP Photography.


















We are launching our first Business Growth Seminar

We are launching our first Business Growth Seminar. Make a note, 9th Oct 10:00 – 14:30 in your diary. Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel. Will be great to see you there and build relationships further. Read more here


Proud to announce our 1st Business Growth Seminar
Subject : GROWTH Why, When & How ?

We are excited about Coras 1st business seminar at Hilton in Newbury. The programme starts at 10:00 and finnishes at 14:30 with lunch in the middle. Read more here

Opportunity to Learn, to Develop and to Network

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New Sponsorship Model for Coras 2014 -15

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