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The Importance of Having the Right Temperament and Disposition in Business

Over the past 5 years, Shawn Khorassani has been able to work with a wide range of entrepreneurs and businesses through his work with Coras – the foundation he set up and pioneered.


This has put him in a special position to see what makes a successful leader /entrepreneur and to provide an insight into what specific attributes are needed to establish and drive a successful business.


So, in his opinion, what are the key ingredients?


“There are many management gurus and manuals that have a lot to say about successful people/business having the right people, leadership and management skills. However, there is something that you don’t often hear about and is not talked about in this particular way. These are Temperament & Disposition.”


Shawn went on to expand on what these attributes are. “Your temperament will define whether you are cut out for this game or not – surviving and prospering in business means that you have to deal with any situation that life throws at you. You cannot afford to be emotional or anger quickly when things go wrong, as they inevitably will. The key is to take a breath and look at the bigger picture.”


He believes that having the right temperament means being consistent in how you deal with difficult situations and with people. “I used to expect everyone to be like me, to think like me and to work like me – I had a lot to learn. We have to respect everyone for their differences and their own talents.”


But what about disposition, how does this fit into the business recipe?


“Having the right disposition is about having faith in your vision for the business and the future. To be a successful entrepreneur and business creator you must have the courage to take risks and take on challenges.” Humility is also an asset “Make sure that you learn everything you can from those around you and never be afraid of questioning – sometimes the simplest question is the most important one.”


Crucially, patience is vital “Do not be precious about the speed of progress or anxious about the growth of the business. If you believe that you have the right plan and the right vision then have faith it is going in the right direction.”


So can you summarize by saying that is this in your DNA?


“Yes, I think it is something that you are born with. However, if that’s not the case, it is fine and you use your talents in other areas rather than running a business – as you will not enjoy the ride!”


Perhaps the most important thing is to understand that not everyone is ready for the journey “Know yourself and understand your character first. Being successful is a long game.


All the people I have met through Coras have worked hard – success does not come overnight. It takes tenacity, patience and courage. I have had a fantastic 5 years and am privileged to have been involved with some amazing companies and some amazing people. I am looking forward to the next 5 years.”

Book your place in the 2015 Coras Awards Ceremony and Dinner – In its third year and still growing

Coras has made its reputation by promoting and nurturing businesses and entrepreneurs in and around Newbury – and in 2015 we will continue to do just that. On 7th May we are holding our third gala dinner and awards ceremony at the Hilton Newbury Centre. We would love you to join us.

This is a great opportunity for you to meet business professionals at a high level, to promote what you do and to celebrate the success of local businesses.

If you would like to attend or would benefit from winning £1K cash, 6 months business mentoring and an opportunity to tap into a possible £50K investment (or know someone who would) then read more here.

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Coras seminar promotes business growth in Newbury

Thursday 9th October saw the Coras Business Growth Seminar presented by Shawn Khorassani, local businessman and experienced entrepreneur. As headline Coras sponsor, The Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel hosted this sold out inaugural event and over 20 prominent local companies were in attendance.

The day began with a presentation by LevelX, winners of the Coras 2014 competition. Company founder, Steve Ardagh-Walter, gave an overview of his company and spoke about how uplifted he was by his Coras win and how he valued Shawn’s input and mentorship.

Shawn then spoke in detail about his experiences in business, offering his advice in areas where he had overcome challenges and hurdles himself. Tasks were also set where attendees were invited to network, learn about one other and ultimately, to work together in groups to identify and use their own skills and experience to come up with hypothetical business ideas and plans.

The day wrapped up with a relaxed networking session over a delicious lunch.

If you are a start up or SME or even if you have a great business idea that you are ready to implement, you can contact Coras ( throughout the year to arrange a discussion with Shawn.


Attendee Comments:

“Thank you for the wonderfully interesting meeting / seminar this morning. It was great to take a little time out to think about how the business and team are running and how to make improvements in the future. Also, particularly interesting to meet so many people involved in West Berks business, a very interesting crowd. Thanks again for taking the initiative with your Coras organisation.”

Judith Bunting, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, Newbury and West Berkshire Liberal Democrats

“Thank you very much for the seminar – I found it very helpful and positive. There was a lot of good material about important / fundamental aspects of business and personal life. I’ll bear these in mind over the coming months. Another aspect which I found really good was the unstructured networking, making new connections and meeting people aspect. There was an interesting mix of people. Thank you for an excellent event.”

Steve Ardagh-Walter, LevelX

“Excellent morning, good content and presentation and a great lunch.”

Noel Erskin, Bursar, St. Gabriel’s School

“I found the event thoroughly enjoyable and extremely uplifting. It inspired me to give an extra push with Jonnie Rocket and with the right team I’m sure I can turn him into a global brand! I look forward to seeing Shawn again at another event.”

John Chapman, Author, Jonnie Rocket


Below: Photos of the Coras Business Growth Seminar. Photography by KSP Photography.


















We are launching our first Business Growth Seminar

We are launching our first Business Growth Seminar. Make a note, 9th Oct 10:00 – 14:30 in your diary. Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel. Will be great to see you there and build relationships further. Read more here


Proud to announce our 1st Business Growth Seminar
Subject : GROWTH Why, When & How ?

We are excited about Coras 1st business seminar at Hilton in Newbury. The programme starts at 10:00 and finnishes at 14:30 with lunch in the middle. Read more here

Opportunity to Learn, to Develop and to Network

Live in Thatcham or Newbury? Try LevelX Beta version

If you want to test the app to tell you the state of play at the level crossing just email to take part in the trial and get a FREE 1 month subscription when the product is released.


New Sponsorship Model for Coras 2014 -15

Exposure for the whole 12 months not just the Gala evening! Be connected with every activity of Coras in 12 month Period. Read more here

Coras Video Channel reaching 2000 views

Coras Facebook Photos Reaching 4000 people. Check out Shawn’s presentation on the night and more here.

Coras Supporters

Coras is a platform for Shawn Khorassani to help nurture business talent and bring his years of experience to companies and individuals who have the vision to leave a lasting legacy through the creation of well-run and successful enterprises. The background to Shawn’s business achievements can be followed at

For more information, contact Myra Erbenova on, 01635 246696.


Coras 2015 Sponsor

Hilton Hotels

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Coras 2015 supporters

The list of Coras 2015 Supporters is growing, why not be part of it:








Berkshire Media Group



Advoco Solutions



Thames Valley Berkshire, Local Enterprise Partnership

West Berkshire County Council


Newbury Rugby Football Club

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Prestige Network


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What a night! Thank you.


Coras 2014 Finalists

Congratualtions to the 3 finalists:
SAS, LevelX, & Environmental Solutions.
Well done to our winner, Steve from LevelX.

The winner of Coras 2014 business competition was announced at the annual Gala evening on 1st May at the Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel. Local business was awarded the winning prize of £1K cash, 12 months business mentoring and an opportunity to tap into a £25K investment. Read more here

Photos of the night on Facebook here

96.2% of Attendees Said Yes to Coras 2015

Actually no one said NO!

The survey following the Gala evening was overwhelmingly in favour of the next event.

The overall score was 8.13 out of 10 for the experience of the night. So we have work to do!

And the top answer for the best thing about the night was The Atmosphere.


Watch the video highlights of Coras 2014

Here is a brief 2.5 minutes video, courtesy of our sponsor MWS Media. Enjoy.


Coras is not just for Xmas (Gala event in May actually!)

If you are a start up or been operating for couple of years and need to move a gear or two, you can always contact us on with your 1 page business resume.

Coras 2014 Winner Announced

The winner of Coras 2014 business competition was announced at the annual Gala evening on 1st May at the Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel. Local business was awarded the winning prize of £1K cash, 12 months business mentoring and an opportunity to tap into a £25K investment. was competing against another two strong finalists, Environmental Solutions and Special Auctions Services, each pitching to an audience of 100 guests. The founder of Coras, Shawn Khorassani said: “All of those presenting have great potential and an enormous level of dedication and passion for their businesses. It was extremely difficult to choose the winning business and I hope my relationship with all the finalists will continue in some shape or form, as my door is always open to them.” was established by Steve Ardagh-Walter and aims to provide advanced warning of level crossing times for drivers with a pilot project for Thatcham’s level crossing. This level crossing combines over 120 trains per day and heavy road traffic with over 3,500 vehicles. While trains pass freely at speed or stop at Thatcham station, large numbers of vehicles can queue for up to 20 minutes at a time waiting for the level crossing gates to open. will tell drivers when the gates close before they start their journey via smartphone apps, Twitter or a website.
After the Award Ceremony, Steve Ardagh-Walter said: “I am delighted and excited that I have won and am really looking forward to working with Shawn and learning from his experience in growing”

Shawn Khorassani commented: “The winner has great potential to help and directly improve the lives of people living and commuting in the Thatcham and Newbury area. I am ready to give my advice to Steve and look forward to our co-operation.”

One of the runners –up, Gareth Ward of Environmental Solutions, gave very personal and emotional presentation on what inspired him to start his own business and how he found an opportunity in the market place.

Neil Shuttleworth of Special Auction Services, another Coras finalist, entertained guests by creating an auction environment during his pitch. His level of energy and enthusiasm was passed on to the audience who gained an insight into his varied business activities.

Overview of the finalists: – The Winner of Coras 2014: will provide advanced warning of level crossing closing times for drivers, letting you plan your journey to avoid delays. Launches in June.

Environmental Solutions: Established in 2005 with a view to continually re-invest, develop existing services and become a specialist waste management company, Environmental Solutions have real passion to outrival the competition.

Special Auction Services (SAS): Sell your Antiques & Collectables through the Specialist Auctioneers with the best track record.

Coras 2014 Winner:
Steve Ardagh-Walter of and Shawn Khorassani of Coras. Photo by KSP Photos

Coras 2014 Finalists:
Neil Shuttleworth of Special Auction Services, Steve Ardagh-Walter of, Shawn Khorassani and Gareth Ward of Environmental Solutions. Photo by KSP Photos

Shawn Khorassani of Coras and Sam Farmer, Gerneral Manager of Hilton Newbury Centre and North. Photo by KSP Photos

Philip White and Ben Myers of MWS Media. Photo by KSP Photos

For more photos go:

And the Coras2013 Award goes to…

The winner of Coras2013 was announced at the red-carpet Awards Ceremony last Thursday, held at the Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel. Shawn Khorassani, the founder of Coras and a local entrepreneur, chose Fields of Fun as a start-up company to be awarded £10,000 cash and mentoring for a year.

One hundred guests, including the Mayor and Mayoress of Newbury, Cllr Arthur Johnson and Miss Kathryn Humble and the local MP, Richard Benyon, gathered at this glittering gala evening, the like of which has not been seen in Newbury before.

Overview of the finalists:

Fields of Fun (Winner of Coras2013): Fields of Fun offers bespoke countryside breaks, events and activity days to the English countryside – they make their clients lives easier by taking care of all the details.

Love Kombucha UK: Kombucha works with body to boost its natural, inbuilt ability to fight sickness and disease as well as bring a healthy balance back to metabolism and organs.

Baby Ballerinas: Award Winning Baby Ballerinas captures the imagination of 2-5 year olds through 30 minutes of informal, fun filled dance , learning basic ballet posture through familiar songs and actions.

Track Your: The aim of Track Your Ltd is to provide a range of quality monitoring solutions, giving carers the confidence to give their loved ones the independence they deserve.

Fitelle: Fitelle create and design unique made to measure bras. It is a niche business providing a much needed service for ladies of all sizes, including clients who have undergone

Five Coras2013 finalists had the opportunity to present their businesses to the audience of over fifty companies. Shawn Khorassani, who selected the winner, said: ‘All the finalists had sound business ideas and plans for growth. It was very difficult to choose one company and in fact I intend to work with all of them in some shape or form.’

The winning company, Fields of Fun, was founded by Natalie Ash in August 2012 and with the cash award and mentoring from Shawn Khorassani, she is hoping to expand her business that provides bespoke countryside breaks. Natalie Ash said: ‘It has been a privilege to have participated in Coras2013 and an honour to have won, particularly with the standard of the competition. Of course the money will be a huge help, but Shawn’s mentorship will be invaluable in taking Fields of Fun to the next level. ‘

Melanie Millin, who presented her start-up company Love Kombucha UK  at Coras2013 said: ‘It was a great event and I am thankful to Coras for having the vision in the first place.’

Another finalist, Baby Ballerina’s founder, Sharon Moore thought that her presentation in front of the large audience provided her with the perfect platform to promote her business. She said: ‘It made me realise I can feel the fear and do it anyway.’

The fourth business was presented by a local couple, Gary and Julia Brown of Track Your Ltd. They confidently introduced their range of tracking devices.

Debi Richens competed at Coras2013 to win support for her Fitelle business. She said: ‘It was an incredible night. I met amazing people and am motivated so much more. We all have won something from this event.’

Coras2013 was supported by over twenty local companies. Derek Rogers of Gardner Leader commented on the evening: ‘It was both inspiring and fun and superbly organised. I have no doubt that all five finalists have taken a lot from the process which will be of a real benefit to them in the future.

Richard Benyon, MP for Newbury, called the evening ‘a triumph.’

Sam Harper of Coras said: ‘We were overwhelmed by the success of this event and the number of comments and responses within 24 hours after it, requesting the continuation of this initiative.

Caption Left: Coras2013 Finalists – Sharon Moore of Baby Ballerinas, Natalie Ash of Fields of Fun, Melanie Millin of Love Kombucha UK, Debi Richens and Simon Tyler of Fitelle and Julia and Gary Brown of Track YourCaption Right: Natalie Ash of Fields of Fun, the Winner of Coras2013 with Shawn Khorassani of Coras

Coras welcomes AML as latest sponsor

AML now joins Hilton Hotel as major sponsors for Coras2013.

This ultimate business event will be held at Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel on 2nd of May 2013 where a winning local business will be awarded cash and business advice.

Sam Harper of Coras commented, “We are excited about this initiative which is gathering momentum. Coras being approached on a daily basis both by companies who want to take part and individuals applying for the £10,000 cash injection and mentoring provided by Shawn Khorassani.” She continued, “We welcome AML as a key sponsor and thank them for supporting this event. “

Lorraine Davis, Sales Director of AML, commented, “We are proud to be a partner of Coras2013 and be involved with this unique initiative that nurtures startup enterprises into successful businesses of the future.” AML offers a comprehensive tax advice to individuals and business owners.

So far, over twenty local companies have partnered with Coras. They all will be present at the red-carpet event on 2nd May where a winning local entrepreneur is to be awarded the winning price. More information at

Who will get £10K cash?

A great number of local businesses have applied to Coras2013 for 10,000 cash and mentoring for a year.

Shawn Khorassani, local businessman, began Coras as an initiative to help start-up businesses with both investment and business advice. He said: ‘We are very pleased with the response from the local entrepreneurs. It is encouraging to see not only the great number of applicants but also the variety of industries starting up in the Newbury area.’Debi Richens who founded Fitelle explained how she first learned about Coras: ‘It was a newspaper headline that instantly grabbed our attention. On reading further, Shawn’s genuine passion for business came across so enthusiastically that such a fantastic opportunity just couldn’t be missed. Offering start-ups such as ours the chance to gain invaluable advice, as we begin to carve out our niche in the business world, from a man so confident that he’s prepared to put his money where his mouth is, has to be for most, a once in a life time opportunity.’ Fitelle provides bespoke bra tailoring service from measuring and pattern drafting to design and bra creation. £10,000 cash and business mentoring would help Fitelle make their mark in the world.Sharon Moore of Baby Ballerinas applied to Coras2013 to further develop her business of informal fun filled dance classes for 2-6 year olds where children learn basic ballet posture through familiar songs and actions.

Another application was received from Natalie Ash who started her company Fields of Fun in August 2012. She is hoping to secure the financial support and expertise of Shawn Khorassani to expand her business providing bespoke countryside breaks.

A local couple, Gary and Julia Brown of Track Your Ltd, are competing for the Coras 2013 award with their range of tracking devices. The goal of Track Your Ltd is to provide monitoring solutions which give parents and carers the confidence to give their loved ones the independence they deserve.

Coras has received an overwhelming number of applications. The winner will be announced at the red-carpet award ceremony on 2nd May 2013 at the Hilton Newbury Centre Hotel. Applicants can still apply via