Coras 2013

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Questions and Answers with Natalie Ash, MD of Fields of Fun

Winner Coras 2013

Would you recommend Coras?

Yes, I would recommend Coras 100 per cent – it is a wonderful and rare opportunity and a great platform to launch a new business. Obviously the money is helpful but Shawn’s advice and the support he gives is invaluable.

What has Coras done for you?

Coras has been a wonderful foundation to really grow Fields of Fun from in terms of the support and advice from Shawn and the opportunities and contact it opens. It has provided me with some invaluable publicity.

Where is Fields of Fun now?

Obviously Fields of Fun is still a very new company but it has had some stella success and we have some very local clients who are returning again and again. I am really excited about the future growth of the company.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Shawn for the opportunity and having faith in Fields of Fun – I will be eternally grateful.


Our Programme for Coras 2013

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