Coras 2015 Testimonials

We asked just one question – “how would you score Coras 2015” out of 10.

The average score was  9.2

Here are some comments we received


“Thanks so much for a lovely evening. I truly loved the new arrangements and I thought it worked perfectly. People had time to network prior to dinner, presentations were kept within their time slots and having the three companies presenting in between courses worked very well. So, a well done to you both and your team to make it happen!”


“I thought it was organised very, very well.  It ran to time perfectly which I consider is vital to a successful award ceremony.  It keeps things moving at a good, constant pace. I liked the format of interspersing the meal with the presentation and then the award being made.”


“Presentations between courses gave things a very good pace and ‘flow’, helped by the clear timetable so that speakers did not over-run.  Interaction through audience questioning was also welcome.”


“Very pleasant evening, good networking and contacts made.”


“There were outstanding networking opportunities – I already have three follow-up meeting scheduled this week, including one with finalists, Avanatta.”


“It was the best one yet – very smooth, seamless and great Microphone cueing ……
Great finalists, well delivered presentations and very enjoyable, to boot….. All in all, most definitely the Number 1 local Entrepreneurial Event…Thank you for such a great evening! We are proud to be a part of Coras and long may it continue.”


“If Coras feel it appropriate to pass this note on to all attendees we’d like to take the opportunity of thanking all who helped/congratulated/advised and generally put us at ease during the evening and also congratulate the staff of the Hilton who we thought were excellent throughout.”


“It was excellent. Inspiring seeing so many new business owners in one space.”


“It was very interesting to hear the three presentations and fascinating to learn about new ideas.”


“I enjoyed the event overall and felt it had a good atmosphere, was well structured and I felt the venue/food etc. were very good”


“I thought the Hilton did very well serving such an excellent dinner for a large number of guests, so often at these functions the food arrives somewhat on the cool side or the main arrives followed by the veg and by the time everyone is served the food is well past its best.  Great idea to serve up a selection of desserts for everyone to hand round, it was very sociable way to have variety and they were delicious.”