Questions and Answers

Q: Who are you?
A: Hi, I am Shawn Khorassani and I own one of the UK’s largest translation services, Prestige Network.

Q: What is your background?
A: I graduated with a Degree from Huddersfield University in Systems and Control Engineering and I am member of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer.
I worked as Electronics Engineer and Hardware/Software Manager before starting Prestige Network with my Sister Shohreh Khorassani.

Q: What does Prestige do?
A: Prestige Network provides a whole host of language services. It operates in three areas:
Public Sector

The main services are Translation and Interpreting Services with other complementary services like Multilingual Audio and Video productions, Website Localisation, Search Engine Optimisation in different languages.

Its head office is in Thatcham Berkshire with Sales office in London. It is one of 3 companies to hold a Pan Governmnet Contract in the UK.

It covers 200 languages and has around 6000 professional linguists working for it. It is multi million pound operation.

Q: What is Coras?
A: Coras is a platform for my public activities. At its heart is an annual event which provides the following:

1) Inspirational people who talk about their story of Success
2) Environment with like minded business people for networking and new business opportunities
3) Investing my money and my time in a number of start-ups and working with them to achieve the dream.

Q: What is the drive/passion behind setting Coras up?
A: I am passionate and a full on person by definition and this applies in my life as a whole not just business as they saying goes “How you do anything is how you do everything”

1) Having started with nothing I know the value of a business achiever by your side. I had no one. This is worth its weight in Gold. But how do you find these people?  They are anything but your average business advisor. It is a special breed that you need to have on your side. Both for advice and finance.

2) I want to celebrate success where I am based and create a positive energy in the midst of doom and gloom. Recession is only in our minds and often the best time to start business.

3) So far I have been working on my own businesses and now I want to give some of my time to other business men/women. It is good for them and good for me. As an external person I can do things that owners may not be able to do internally. External people are always needed to keep you on track and give you guidance on the areas you need.

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