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Coras Boosts the Local Economy

Coras2013 Finalists – Shawn Khorassani of Coras, Sharon Moore of Baby Ballerinas, Natalie Ash of Fields of Fun, Melanie Millin of Love Kombucha, Debi Richens and Simon Tyler of Fitelle and Gary and Julia Brown of Track Your Ltd

Following the successful Awards Ceremony, the winner and all of the finalists of Coras2013 have started to reap the benefits of their recent competition-process.

Fields of Fun became the winning start-up business of Coras2013, securing £10,000 cash and business mentoring from local entrepreneur Shawn Khorassani. The founder of Fields of Fun, Natalie Ash, said: “Winning Coras 2013 was incredibly exciting and it has been a wonderful platform from which to promote Fields of Fun, having gained some great exposure.”

Ms Ash’s activities have  been featured in a number of publications including Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Life Magazine and has found that  this publicity  has attracted new clients. Natalie Ash continued: “Having Shawn’s expertise has also been invaluable; knowing that there is always someone on the other end of the phone to call for advice.”

Love Kombucha, finalist of Coras2013, now has a number of regular customers as a direct result of the event. Melanie Millin, who started her health-drink business, said: “We are busy delivering Kombucha drink around the local area and are in the final stages of drafting labels  for our sleek new flavours – Blueberry, Original and Ginger.’ Love Kombucha will soon be making a regular appearance at the Newbury market on Saturdays.”

Another shortlisted start-up business of Coras 2013, Baby Ballerinas, is going from strength to strength and student numbers are continuing to grow. Sharon Moore, of Baby Ballerinas, said:  “I am getting closer to fulfilling my dreams.  Coras enabled me to take a look in detail at where I would like my business to go moving forward and has helped me take the steps towards bigger and better things.  The feedback from the evening has been amazing and so nice to have people that believe in my dreams as much as I do.”

Track Your Ltd also competed for Coras2013 award in May and since the event their unique GPS Monitors for people, pets and possessions have assisted people in various situations. Gary Brown of Track Your Ltd said: “We are also proud to be working in association with Marvellous Festivals. At the same time, we are actively seeking new avenues and offer No Obligation Trials.”

Debi Richens of Fitelle, finalist of Coras2013, explained how the event helped her to focus on her business. She said: “Being chosen as a Coras2013 finalist made us slow down, take a step back, and make a few minor tweaks. However, it was the fact that we did not win the Award that forced us to look more intensely at our business model.  By turning our disappointment into enthusiasm, we quickly realised Coras had given us the confidence to experiment with different ideas and not be afraid to make changes when needed.”


Winner of Coras2013

Fields of Fun

Fields of Fun offers bespoke countryside breaks, events and activity days to the English countryside – they make their clients’ lives easier by taking care of all the details.


Finalists of Coras2013

Love Kombucha

Kombucha works with body to boost its natural, inbuilt ability to fight sickness and disease as well as bring a healthy balance back to metabolism and organs.

Baby Ballerinas

Award Winning Baby Ballerinas captures the imagination of 2-5 year olds through 30 minutes of informal, fun-filled dance , learning basic ballet posture through familiar songs and actions.

Track Your

The aim of Track Your Ltd is to provide a range of quality-monitoring solutions, giving carers the confidence to give their loved ones the independence they deserve.


Fitelle create and design unique made to measure bras. It is a niche-business providing a much needed service for ladies of all sizes, including clients who have undergone surgery.